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Title: «Aquells qui ho voldran saber, lligen...»: Llibres i lectors a la Barcelona del segle XV
Author: Sabaté Martín, Glòria
Director: Espadaler, Anton M.
Simó, Meritxell
Losada, Elena, 1958-
Keywords: Llibres i lectura
Literatura medieval
Literatura catalana
Barcelona (Catalunya)
Curial e Güelfa
Books and reading
Medieval literature
Catalan literature
Barcelona (Catalonia)
Curial e Güelfa
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2016
Publisher: Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract: [cat] Hom constata que la característica definitòria des de finals del segle XIV és que les obres llatines i itàliques circulen entre un públic lector que el podem situar més enllà de la cort, per la qual cosa amb aquesta tesi doctoral ens proposem d'observar qui poden ser aquests lectors, a quin estrat social pertanyen, quins vincles s'hi observen, quins interessos tenien, quins llibres tenien i quin ús en feien, d'on podien procedir aquestes obres, en quins espais podien coincidir per parlar de literatura, etc. etc., en la convicció que, per afinitat de lectura, també ells, més enllà de la cort, s'haurien pogut constituir en destinataris - és a dir lectors potencials - d'una novel·la com l’anònima Curial e Güelfa que es complau a fer paleses les lectures que fonamenten la ficció.
[eng] It is acknowledged that one of the defining traits of the final period of the XIV century is that written works, both Latin and Italian, spread beyond courtly circles of readers. The aim of the present PhD dissertation is to answer who these readers were, which social stratum did they belong to, which were the links that can be traced, which were their interests, which books did they have and for what purpose did they use them, where did these works come from, in which milieus did the readers meet to talk about literature, etc. The ultimate reason to answer these questions is the firm conviction that a romance like the anonymous Curial e Güelfa, which indulges in signaling out the readings on which the fictional narrative is based, can be addressed to potential readers beyond courtly circles who might become such readers because of the affinity of their readings.
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