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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Industrial location at the intra-metropolitan level: The role of agglomeration economiesArauzo Carod, Josep Maria; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2016Banking the unbanked: Evidence from the Spanish banking expansion planArqué Castells, Pere; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2015Big plant closures and agglomeration economiesJofre Monseny, Jordi; Sánchez Vidal, María; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2017Housing booms and busts and local fiscal policySolé Ollé, Albert; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2007Economic and political determinants of urban expansion: Exploring the local connectionSolé Ollé, Albert; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2017Can urban renewal policies reverse neighborhood ethnic dynamics?González Pampillón, Nicolás; Jofre Monseny, Jordi; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2002The growth of cities: Does agglomeration matter?Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2015How does transportation shape intrametropolitan growth? An answer from the regional express railGarcía López, Miquel-Àngel; Hémet, Camille; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2010Lobbying, political competition, and local land supply: recent evidence from Spain [WP IEB]Solé Ollé, Albert; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet
2010The mechanisms of agglomeration: Evidence from the effect of inter-industry relations on the location of new firmsJofre Monseny, Jordi; Marín-López, Raquel; Viladecans Marsal, Elisabet