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dc.contributor.advisorAmat Tusón, Mercedes-
dc.contributor.advisorGriera Farres, Rosa-
dc.contributor.authorPinto, Alexandre Miguel Gregório-
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat de Barcelona. Departament de Farmacologia, Toxicologia i Química Terapèutica-
dc.description.abstract[eng] Chiral amino alcohol derived lactams are a valuable scaffold for the enantioselective synthesis of alkaloids. In the present thesis the potential of this methodology was expanded and to demonstrate the synthetic utility of chiral tricyclic lactams obtainedthe enantioselective total synthesis complex cis-decahydroquinoline alkaloids was carried out. The alkaloids that were targeted for synthesis using the developed methodology were the lepadin alkaloids (marine alkaloids) and tricyclic cis-decahydroquinoline alkaloids such as cermizine B (Lycopodium alkaloids). To accomplish these objectives further studies on the functionalization of the decahydroquinoline system were required in order to install the appropriate substituents and functionalities for the synthesis of each target. During the present PhD thesis it was possible to complete the total synthesis of (+)-gephyrotoxin 287C, (−)-cermizine B, (−)-lepadin B and (+)-lepadin D and the formal total synthesis of (−)-lepadins A and C.-
dc.format.extent374 p.-
dc.publisherUniversitat de Barcelona-
dc.rights(c) Pinto,, 2017-
dc.subject.classificationProductes naturals-
dc.subject.classificationCatàlisi asimètrica-
dc.subject.classificationSíntesi de fàrmacs-
dc.subject.otherNatural products-
dc.subject.otherEnantioselective catalysis-
dc.subject.otherDrug synthesis-
dc.titleCommon scaffolds for the enantioselective synthesis of marine, plant, and amphibian cis-decahydroquinoline alkaloids-
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