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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2017The Specificity of Observational Studies in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences: Moving Forward in Mixed Methods Research and Proposals for Achieving Quantitative and Qualitative SymmetryAnguera Argilaga, María Teresa; Camerino Foguet, Oleguer; Castañer Balcells, Marta; Sánchez Algarra, Pedro; Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J.
8-Mar-2018Preliminary Checklist for Reporting Observational Studies in Sports Areas: Content ValidityChacón Moscoso, Salvador; Sanduvete Chaves, Susana; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa; Losada López, José Luis; Portell Vidal, Mariona; Lozano Lozano, José A.
2-Mar-2018T-pattern analysis and cognitive load manipulation to detect low-stake lies: an exploratory studyDiana, Barbara; Zurloni, Valentino; Elia, Massimiliano; Cavalera, Cesare M.; Realdon, Olivia; Jonsson, Gudberg K.; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa
19-Mar-2018Observation of Communication by Physical Education Teachers: Detecting Patterns in Verbal BehaviorGarcía Fariña, Abraham; Jiménez Jiménez, Francisco; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa
1-Feb-2018Is reading instruction evidence-based? Analyzing teaching practices using T-Patterns.Suárez, Natalia; Sánchez López, Carmen Rosa; Jiménez, Juan E.; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa
9-Jun-2020Conflict Mediation, Emotional Regulation and Coping Strategies in the Educational FieldBonilla R., Pedro; Armadans Tremolosa, Immaculada; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa
24-Apr-2019Editorial: Systematic Observation: Engaging Researchers in the Study of Daily Life as It Is LivedAnguera Argilaga, María Teresa; Blanco Villaseñor, Ángel; Jonsson, Gudberg K.; Losada López, José Luis; Portell, Mariona
28-Jun-2019'REOFUT' as an observation tool for tactical analysis on offensive performance in soccer: Mixed method perspectiveAranda, Rafael; González Ródenas, Joaquín; López Bondía, Ignacio; Aranda-Malavés, Rodrigo; Tudela Desantes, Andrés; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa
4-Jun-2019Mixed methods approach to describe social interaction during a group intervention for adolescents with Autism Spectrum DisordersAlcover, Carlota; Mairena, Mª Ángeles; Mezzatesta, Marcela; Elías, Neus; Díez Juan, María; Balañá, Gemma; González Rodríguez, Mireia; Rodríguez Medina, Jairo; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa; Arias Pujol, Eulàlia
21-Feb-2020The Action of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication in the Therapeutic Alliance Construction: A Mixed Methods Approach to Assess the Initial Interactions With Depressed PatientsGiacco, Luca Del; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa; Salcuni, Silvia