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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Feb-2019Corpora amylacea in human hippocampal brain tissue are intracellular bodies that exhibit a homogeneous distribution of neoepitopesAugé Marí, Elisabet; Bechmann, Ingo; Llor Brunés, Núria; Vilaplana i Hortensi, Jordi; Krueger, Martin; Pelegrí i Gabaldà, Carme
3-Feb-2017New perspectives on corpora amylacea in the human brainAugé Marí, Elisabet; Cabezón Rodríguez, Itsaso; Pelegrí i Gabaldà, Carme; Vilaplana i Hortensi, Jordi
27-Feb-2017Synthesis and Characterization of a New Bivalent Ligand Combining Caffeine and Docosahexaenoic AcidFernández Dueñas, Víctor; Azuaje, Jhonny; Morató Arús, Xavier; Cordobilla, Begoña; Domingo, Pere (Domingo Pedrol); Sotelo, Eddy; Ciruela Alférez, Francisco