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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2019Does sexual segregation occur during the non-breeding period?: A comparative analysis in spatial and feeding ecology of three Calonectris shearwaters (Raw data)Felipe, Fernanda de; Reyes-González, José Manuel; Militão, Teresa; Neves, Verónica C.; Bried, Joël; Oro, Daniel; Ramos i Garcia, Raül; González-Solís, Jacob
4-Jan-2021Bulwer's petrel Capture-Mark-Recapture dataCruz Flores, Marta; Pradel, Roger; Bried, Joël; González-Solís, Jacob; Ramos i Garcia, Raül
Nov-2020Sexual segregation in the foraging behaviour of a slightly dimorphic seabird: influence of the environment and fishery activity (Raw data)Reyes-González, José Manuel; Felipe, Fernanda de; Morera Pujol, Virginia; Soriano Redondo, Andrea; Navarro Herreo, Leia; Zango, Laura; García Barcelona, Salvador; Ramos i Garcia, Raül; González-Solís, Jacob