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Title: Simulation of obstacle overcoming by processive molecular motors
Author: Buñuel Muriscot, Arnau
Director/Tutor: Casademunt i Viader, Jaume
Keywords: Cinesina
Dinàmica molecular
Treballs de fi de grau
Molecular dynamics
Bachelor's thesis
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: This work aims to study the dynamics of KIF1A in a noise-driven ratchet potential. KIF1A molecule is a single-headed kinesin which is specific to axonal transport in neurons. Recent studies have shown that the capability of this kind of motor to overcome an obstacle or a traffic jam that impedes the advance of a vesicle is strongly related to several neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. We model the interaction and displacement of the motor with a two state Brownian ratchet potential in two dimensions. With the numerical simulation of this model we are able to give an accurate prediction of the overcoming time of an obstacle, modelled as a Gaussian potential, as a first step towards a better understanding of the interplay between traffic dysfunctions and neurodegenerative diseases.
Note: Treballs Finals de Grau de Física, Facultat de Física, Universitat de Barcelona, Curs: 2018, Tutor: Jaume Casademunt Viader
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