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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The generalized index of maximum and minimum level and its application in decision makingMerigó Lindahl, José M.; Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria
2009Decision-making with distance measures and induced aggregation operatorsMerigó Lindahl, José M.; Casanovas Ramón, Montserrat
22-Feb-2011The Uncertain generalized probabilistic weighted average and its application in the theory of expertonsMerigó Lindahl, José M.
4-Jun-2011A new aggregation method for strategic decision making and its application in assignment theoryMerigó Lindahl, José M.; Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Gil Aluja, Jaime, 1936-
4-Aug-2011A fuzzy-based decision model application on strategic managementKeropyan, Aras; Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria
30-Jun-2012Decision making techniques with similarity measures and OWA operatorsGil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Merigó Lindahl, José M.
5-Aug-2016Decision making in reinsurance with induced OWA operators and Minkowski distancesCasanovas Ramón, Montserrat; Torres-Martínez, Agustín; Merigó Lindahl, José M.
2009The induced 2-tuple linguistic generalized OWA operator and its application in linguistic decision makingMerigó Lindahl, José M.; Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria
2012Decision making techniques in business and economics based on the OWA operatorMerigó Lindahl, José M.; Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria
Apr-2016Estudio del posicionamiento de hoteles enoturísticos mediante el operador de agregación de puntuaciones CARWAArroyo Cañada, Francisco Javier; Gil Lafuente, Jaime