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dc.contributor.authorSolé Casals, Jordi-
dc.contributor.authorSerra y Grabulosa, Josep Ma.-
dc.contributor.authorRomero García, Rafael-
dc.contributor.authorVilaseca, Gemma-
dc.contributor.authorAdan, Ana-
dc.contributor.authorVilaró, Núria-
dc.contributor.authorBargalló, Núria-
dc.contributor.authorBullmore, Edward T.-
dc.coverage.temporalstart=2013-01-01; end=2013-10-31-
dc.descriptionDades associades a un article enviat a la revista Brain Structure and Function-
dc.descriptionStudy supported by a grant from the Ministerio de Economía y Competividad (PSI2013-47216-P)-
dc.description.abstractDICOM Imatges MRI DATA All participants were examined on a 3T MRI scanner (Magnetom Trio Tim, Siemens Medical Systems, Germany) at the Centre de Diagnòstic per la Imatge in the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. High-resolution T1-weighted images were acquired with the MPRAGE 3D protocol (TR=2300 ms; TE=3 ms; TI=900 ms; FOV=244x244 mm2; 1 mm isotropic voxel). - Control group: 01CO, 02CO, 03CO, 04CO, 05CO, 06CO, 07CO, 08CO, 09CO, 10CO, 11CO, 12CO, 14CO, 15CO. - Gifted group: 01AC, 02AC, 03AC, 04AC, 05AC, 06AC, 07AC, 08AC, 09AC, 10AC, 11AC, 12AC, 13AC, 14AC, 15AC. Cortical thickness data The cortical thickness matrices are: - rawCT_GG: data for the gifted group; contains the cortical thickness of the 308 regions (columns) for each individual subject (raws) in mm - rawCT_CG: data for the control group; contains the cortical thickness of the 308 regions (columns) for each individual subject (raws) in mm The structure of both matrices is [subjects x regions].ca
dc.description.sponsorshipProjecte subvencionat pel Ministerio de Economía y Competividad (PSI2013-47216-P)-
dc.rightscc 0 (c) Solé Casals, Jordi et al., 2019-
dc.subject.classificationDades MRIcat
dc.subject.otherMRI dataeng
dc.titleStructural brain network of gifted children has more integrated and versatile topology (Raw Data)ca
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