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dc.contributor.advisorRodríguez Santiago, Inmaculada-
dc.contributor.authorPrieto DehghanPour, Astor-
dc.descriptionTreballs Finals de Grau d'Enginyeria Informàtica, Facultat de Matemàtiques, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2018, Director: Inmaculada Rodríguez Santiagoca
dc.description.abstract[en] Fracsland is an educative game (developed in the University of Barcelona) for children in Primary Education. It is based in teaching basic notions on Fractions and how to operate with them. Making use of Unity3D’s game engine, the game leads the player through different zones of the Fracsland island in order to complete missions using different objects or fractions. The main idea of this project is to make a port of the Fracsland game that uses the strong points and the newest HCI schemes that Virtual Reality (or VR from now on) introduces into the interactive media and interactive arts (we use the Oculus Rift platform). Then, we try to re-imagine the different elements found in a traditional ’Flat-Screen’ game (UI Experience, Locomotion systems...) and bring them into VR, emphasizing in the extra inmersiveness (also called ’presence’ in the VR circles) of having your hands and head tracked in a 3D environment. This project also explores the possibilities of including Conversational Agents (implemented with Machine-Learning services) into the VR game. These agents are developed in another final year project and offer the player a more natural and familiar interface when interacting with the different elements of the scenes. Thus, we explore the effectiveness of having Natural Language (from now on NL) conversations within the
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dc.rightsmemòria: cc-by-nc-nd (c) Astor Prieto DehghanPour, 2018-
dc.rightscodi: GPL (c) Astor Prieto DehghanPour, 2018-
dc.subject.classificationDisseny de videojocsca
dc.subject.classificationTreballs de fi de grauca
dc.subject.classificationCicle superior d'educació primàriaca
dc.subject.classificationRealitat virtualca
dc.subject.classificationAprenentatge automàticca
dc.subject.classificationJocs seriososca
dc.subject.otherVideo games designen
dc.subject.otherComputer softwareen
dc.subject.otherThird grade (Education)en
dc.subject.otherBachelor's thesisen
dc.subject.otherVirtual realityen
dc.subject.otherMachine learningen
dc.subject.otherSerious gamesen
dc.titleEstudi i disseny d’interaccions d’un joc seriós en realitat virtualca
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Treballs Finals de Grau (TFG) - Enginyeria Informàtica

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