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Title: Clash of Myths: diseño de un juego de cartas
Author: Williams Monardez, Francisco Javier
Director/Tutor: Puig Puig, Anna
Keywords: Disseny de videojocs
Jocs seriosos
Treballs de fi de grau
Video games design
Serious games
Computer software
Bachelor's thesis
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2018
Abstract: [en] The video games are increasingly present in all media,first they started being in consoles and computers and then, simplified versions or simpler games to mobile and tablet devices appeared. Even if they are mobile games, with some limits with regard to consoles and computers, they are gaining a lot of ground due to how easy is to get a mobile, and above all that, the vast majority are free. Although within the free games there are two distribution models: the “free to play”and the “pay to win”. The name by itself tells the difference, even if there are payments in both, the first one does not generate a blocking sensation to the player as the game progresses, while the second one does. This huge distribution of games generates that children and young people begin to fall in an ocean full of video games and put aside the studies. Even though there are a lot of serious and educational video games that have been designed, they can’t reach the level of entertainment offered by the high-level games of mobile app stores. The great reason is that the purpose of these games, is so broad and well defined that they make people lose track of time easily. This end-of-degree project proposes a change in the thematic of the current serious games , and change their course based on the best games for mobile device. For this purpose, the educational content must be incorporated into the video game with awareness so it will keep the player from getting bored and allow him gain educational knowledge in each challenge that is proposed. This will require an analysis to the best games and the video game will be designed with the best features analyzed, so that you can get a game with a solid base. With this videogame structure,it is intended to add small educational contents of the area of mathematics and mythology so that fun is not clouded. This video game will be performed with Unity and it has been chosen to follow a strategic thematic like many current video games, in particular a card game. Each student will have the possibility to register, and from this moment the student will have a set of cards that will be used to make games against the machine or also known as “bot” and of a level that will increase as certain actions are carried out in the game. Thus, the student will acquire new cards and other elements of the game that will allow him to improve as a player. This is the basis of many popular games of nowadays, the novelty will come in that the way to teach mythology will be through the diversity of existing cards that the player will be acquiring. And the area of mathematics will be fostered by collecting the necessary elements to increase the power of the cards. Within this work there will be two fundamental parts, each made by a different faculty. In the Faculty of Fine Arts will be done the visual and aesthetic part of the game, performed by David Oliver with his final degree project ’Clash of Myths: Com es va fer’[1] and Pere Albacar with his work ‘Clash of Myths: Com es va fer’[2]. Both of them will focus on the creation of all the mythological cards, in the constituent elements of the card, the design of the battle screen and the design of the graphic interface of the menu. In the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science will be held, on the other hand, the technical part, made by the author of this final degree project. This second half of the video game will focus on the creation of battle mechanics, the persistence of data of different users and the management of all menus.
Note: Treballs Finals de Grau d'Enginyeria Informàtica, Facultat de Matemàtiques, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2018, Director: Anna Puig Puig
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