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Title: Challenges of Immunities of State Officials from Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction in the Work of the ILC
Author: Boyko, Anna
Director/Tutor: Elizalde Carranza, Miguel Ángel
Keywords: Funcionaris
Tesis de màster
Public officers
Masters theses
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2019
Abstract: The main purpose of the present thesis is to study the existing practice on the issue of immunity of State officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction, both international and national one, as well as legal literature, and to answer four main questions: a) which State officials are entitled to that immunity; b) which acts fall under the scope of its applicability; c) whether there are any exceptions to that immunity; and d) what are its procedural aspects.
Note: Màster en Diplomàcia i Funció Pública Internacional, Centre d'Estudis Internacionals, Universitat de Barcelona, Curs: 2018-2019, Tutor: Miguel A. Elizalde
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