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Title: Young and Eccentric: The Quadruple System HD 86588
Author: Tokovinin, Andrei
Corbett, Hank
Fors Aldrich, Octavi
Howard, Ward
Law, Nicholas M.
Moe, Maxwell
Ratzloff, Jeffrey
Walter, Frederick M.
Keywords: Espectroscòpia astronòmica
Astronomical spectroscopy
Issue Date: 24-Aug-2018
Publisher: Institute of Physics (IOP)
Abstract: High-resolution spectroscopy and speckle interferometry reveal the young star HD 86588 as a quadruple system with a three-tier hierarchy. The 0 3 resolved binary A,B with an estimated period around 300 years contains the 8-yr pair Aa,Abc (also potentially resolvable), where Ab,Ac is a double-lined binary with equal components, for which we compute the spectroscopic orbit. Despite the short period of 2.4058 days, the orbit of Ab,Ac is eccentric (e=0.086±0.003)). It has a large inclination, but there are no eclipses; only a 4.4 mmag light modulation apparently caused by star spots on the components of this binary is detected with Evryscope. Assuming a moderate extinction of AV=0.5 mag and a parallax of 5.2 mas, we find that the stars are on or close to the main sequence (age >10 Myr) and their masses are from 1 to 1.3 solar. We measure the strength of the lithium line in the visual secondary B which, together with rotation, suggests that the system is younger than 150 Myr. This object is located behind the extension of the Chamaeleon I dark cloud (which explains extinction and interstellar sodium absorption), but apparently does not belong to it. We propose a scenario where the inner orbit has recently acquired its high eccentricity through dynamical interaction with the outer two components; it is now undergoing rapid tidal circularization on a timescale of ∼1 Myr. Alternatively, the eccentricity could be excited quasi-stationary by the outer component Aa.
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It is part of: Astronomical Journal, 2018, vol. 156, num. 3, p. 120-128
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ISSN: 0004-6256
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