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Title: Towards a language sustainabiliy: Concepts, principles, and problems of human communicative organisation in the twenty-first century.
Author: Bastardas i Boada, Albert, 1951-
Keywords: Ecolingüística
Política lingüística
Language policy
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Forum de les Cultures 2004. Dialogue on Linguistic diversity, sustainability and peace
Abstract: Transdisciplinary analogies and metaphors are potential useful tools for thinking and creativity. The exploration of other conceptual philosophies and fields can be rewarding and can contribute to produce new useful ideas to be applied on different problems and parts of reality. The development of the so-called 'sustainability' approach allows us to explore the possibility of translate and adapt some of its main ideas to the organisation of human language diversity. The concept of 'sustainability' clearly comes from the tradition of thinking that criticises the perspective of economic development that overlooks almost totally the natural environment -the precise context where this development takes place -and which thus leads it to a final end devoid of resources and clearly harmful for the life of human beings. To an end, that is to say, which is clearly unsustainable. Against this economicist view, which is blind to its very important side effects, some academic and activist enclaves have proposed the perspective of 'sustainable development' or 'lasting development'. In other words, they have theorised, constructed, and begun to practice an economic and urbanistic development respectful of, integrated into, and in keeping with the dynamics of nature. Such perspective provides a way of improving the material aspects of human life while at the same time not damaging other environmental aspects still more necessary and fundamental for the quality —and even for the simple possibility -of human existence. In fact, the view is a synthesis of possible opposed patterns. It does not renounce material and economic improvement, but nor does it exclude a fully healthy environment that is appropriate for the continuation of the species.
It is part of: Text of the plenary conference for the X Linguapax Congress on ‘Linguistic diversity, sustainability and peace’, Forum 2004, Barcelona. Invited plenary speech. Barcelona: Linguapax, 2004.
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