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Title: Functional interactions in patients with hemianopia: a graph theory-based connectivity study of resting fMRI signal (Raw data)
Author: Pedersini, Caterina A.
Guàrdia Olmos, Joan
Montalà Flaquer, Marc
Cardobi, Nicolò
Sánchez López, Javier
Parisi, Giorgia
Savazzi, Silvia
Marzi, Carlo A.
Keywords: Trastorns de la visió
Percepció visual
Vision disorders
Visual perception
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2019
Abstract: We tested 10 hemianopic patients and 10 healthy participants. They were scanned in a 1.5 Tesla Philips scanner at the Borgo Roma Hospital in Verona (Italy). We collected a whole brain high-resolution (1x1x1 mm3) 3D T1-weighted image with magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition gradient echo (MPRAGE) and one hundred sixty resting state volumes with TR=2500ms, Echo Time=50ms; 30 slices with slice thickness of 4mm, Field of View = 224x224mm, time duration = 6.47m and echo train length = 39. The entire sample was were scanned during the period of time going from February 2017 until July 2018.
Note: There are twenty zip files each one corresponding to a participant. The acronym PT stands for patients (from 01 to 10) and HC stands for healthy controls (from 01 to 10). Once unzipped, structural and functional data of each patient and healthy control are located in the folder indicated by the specific acronym and number of the participant (i.e. PT01). Thus, each folder contains the original functional data of the resting state sequence (fmri.nii.gz), the preprocessed functional data (fmri_res.nii.gz), the original structural T1-weighted image (T1.nii.gz) and the structural T1-weighted image after applying the brain extraction with the Brain Extraction Tool of fsl (T1_brain.nii.gz) and used to perform the co-registration with the functional data. All images are in NIfTI (Neuroimaging Computer Technology Initiative) format, as a gzip compressed file, normally used by different software as the software library FMRIB (FSL). We also provide the NIfTI file of the AAL Atlas used to parcellate the brain during the analysis (AAL_Contract_90_3MM.nii) and the corresponding text file indicating the list of regions composing the atlas (AAL_LabelID_90.txt).
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