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Title: Aesthetic predicates: a hybrid dispositional account
Author: Marques, Teresa
Keywords: Filosofia del llenguatge
Contextualisme (Filosofia)
Philosophy of language
Contextualism (Philosophy)
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Oslo University Press
Abstract: This paper explores the possibility of developing a hybrid version of dispositional theories of aesthetic values. On such a theory, uses of aesthetic predicates express relational second-order dispositional properties. If the theory is not absolutist, it allows for the relativity of aesthetic values. But it may be objected to on the grounds that it fails to explain disagreement among subjects who are not disposed alike. This paper proposes to adapt recent proposals of hybrid expressivist theories for moral predicates to the case of aesthetic predicates. Hybrid expressivist theories make no explicit commitment about the kind of property expressed by the predicate, but make explicit commitments to implicated (or presupposed) expressive content. It is argued that dispositionalism about the properties expressed by aesthetic predicates, combined with expressive implicatures (or presuppositions), can account for aesthetic disagreements even in cases where subjects are not relevantly alike.
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It is part of: Inquiry-An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, 2016, vol. 59, num. 6, p. 723-751
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ISSN: 0020-174X
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