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Title: An Algebraic Study of Admissible Rules
Author: Mastrokostas, Zafeiris
Director/Tutor: Jansana, Ramon
Keywords: Lògica
Lògica algebraica
Àlgebra abstracta
Tesis de màster
Algebraic logic
Abstract algebra
Master's theses
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Abstract: In this thesis we shall study admissible rules within the general framework of Abstract Algebraic Logic (AAL). Following Lorenzen, we say that a rule is admissible for a logic S whenever it does not add new theorems to S. Despite the seemingly natural definition, the determination of admissible rules in particular logics is usually a difficult problem and requires a deep understanding of the structural properties of the logic. Our purpose is not to study particular cases but instead, we intent to present algebraic conditions of the admissibility of a rule for a logic both in the general case and also depending on its classification in the Leibniz hierarchy. Particular cases will be presented as examples or counter-examples, whenever it is necessary.
Note: Treballs Finals del Màster de Lògica Pura i Aplicada, Facultat de Filosofia, Universitat de Barcelona, Curs: 2018-2019, Tutor: Ramon Jansana
Appears in Collections:Màster Oficial - Pure and Applied Logic / Lògica Pura i aplicada

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