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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2018Aportacions a Flora Catalana Antiga, 2. Elements orientalitzants (Material suplementari)Blanché i Vergés, Cèsar
11-Apr-2012Golf course irrigation with reclaimed water in the Mediterranean: a risk management matterSalgot i de Marçay, Miquel; Priestley, Gerda K.; Folch Sánchez, Montserrat
1-May-2014Importance of individual analysis of environmental and climatic factors affecting the density of Leishmania vectors living in the same geographical area: the example of Phlebotomus ariasi and P. perniciosus in northeast Spain.Ballart Ferrer, J. Cristina; Guerrero, Irene; Castells, Xavier; Barón, Sergio; Castillejo González, Soledad; Alcover Amengual, Maria Magdalena; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat)
Apr-2010Successful treatment with posaconazole of a patient with chronic Chagas disease and systemic lupus erythematosusPinazo, María Jesús; Espinosa Garriga, Gerard; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); López-Chejade, Paulo Luis; Urbina, Julio A.; Gascón i Brustenga, Joaquim
17-Jan-2013Immunosuppression and Chagas disease: a management challengePinazo, María Jesús; Espinosa Garriga, Gerard; Cortes-Lletget, Cristina; Posada, Elizabeth; Aldasoro, Edelweiss; Oliveira, Inés; Muñoz Gutiérrez, José; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Gascón i Brustenga, Joaquim
May-2007Application of microsatellite genotyping to the study of a restricted Leishmania infantum focus: different genotype compositions in isolates from dogs and sand fliesMontoya, Liliana; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Gavignet, Béatrice; Piarroux, Renaud; Rioux, Jean-Antoine; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat; Fisa Saladrigas, Roser
Dec-2006Congenital transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in Europe (Spain): a case reportRiera Lizandra, Ma. Cristina; Guarro, Anna; El Kassab, Houssein; Jorba, José Maria; Castro, Montserrat; Angrill, Roser; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Fisa Saladrigas, Roser; Martin, Carmen; Lobato, Alejandro; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat
Dec-2005Value of culture and nested polymerase chain raction of blood in the prediction of relapses in patients co-infected with Leishmania and human immunodeficiency virusRiera Lizandra, Ma. Cristina; Fisa Saladrigas, Roser; Ribera, Esteban; Carrió Díaz-Meco, Jaume; Falcó, Vicenç; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Moner, Lluís; Molina, Israel; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat
May-2008Leishmania infantum DNA detection in urine from patients with visceral leishmaniasis and after treatment control.Fisa Saladrigas, Roser; Riera Lizandra, Ma. Cristina; López-Chejade, Paulo; Molina, Israel; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Falcó, Vicenç; Ribera, Esteban; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat
15-Mar-2018La revolució oblidadaGuerrero, Ricardo, 1943-; Berlanga Herranz, Mercedes
20-Nov-2014Key processes for Cheirolophus (Asteraceae) diversification on oceanic islands inferred from AFLP dataVitales Serrano, Daniel; García-Fernández, Alfredo; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès Xirau, Joan, 1959-; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo; Cowan, Robyn S.; Fay, Michael F.; Hidalgo Grani, Oriane; Garnatje i Roca, Teresa
Feb-1998Diagnostic potential of western blot analysis of sera from dogs with Leishmaniasis in endemic areas and significance of the pattern.Aisa Nache, Maria Jesús; Castillejo González, Soledad; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Fisa Saladrigas, Roser; Riera Lizandra, Ma. Cristina; Colmenares Brunet, Maria de; Torras, S.; Roura, Xavier; Sentís Vilalta, Juan; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat
May-1995Detection of a 73-75 kDa and a 123 kDa fractions of Leishmania antigen in urine of patients with visceral leishmaniosisColmenares Brunet, Maria de; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat; Riera Lizandra, Ma. Cristina; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Aisa Nache, Maria Jesús; Torras, S.; Muñoz, C.
Dec-2005Postglacial dispersal of Phlebotomus perniciosus into FrancePerrotey, S.; Mahamdallie, S. S.; Pesson, B.; Richardson, K. J.; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Ready, P. D.
Jun-1996Infestation naturelle de Phlebotomus ariasi et Phlebotomus perniciosus (Diptera, Psychodidae) par Leishmania infantum (Kinetoplastida-Trypanosomatidae) en Catalogne (Espagne)Guilvard, E.; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Moreno, G.; Fisa Saladrigas, Roser; Rispail, P.; Pratlong, F.; Martínez Ortega, E.; Gállego, J.; Rioux, J. A.
1994Agressivité du Simulium du complexe ornatum (Diptera, Simuliidae) en Catalogne (Espagne). Premiere mentionGállego, J.; Beaucournu-Saguez, F.; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat)
Sep-1994First cases of gynandromorphism in Phlebotomus perniciosus Newstead, 1911 (Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae)Gállego, J.; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Castillejo González, Soledad; Fisa Saladrigas, Roser; Portús Vinyeta, Montserrat
Mar-1994Is leishmaniasis endemic on the island of Minorca (Spain)?. A human visceral case after living 13 years in MinorcaPortús Vinyeta, Montserrat; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Seguí, M. G.; Solé, J.
1991Leishmania tropica au Maroc. III. Rôle vecteur de Phlebotomus sergenti. A propos de 89 isolats.Guilvard, E.; Rioux, J.A.; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Pratlong, F.; Mahjour, J.; Martínez-Ortega, E.; Dereure, J.; Saddiki, A.; Martini, A.
1991Leishmania tropica au Maroc. IV. Diversité isozymique intrafocale.Pratlong, F.; Rioux, J. A.; Dereure, J.; Mahjour, J.; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Guilvard, E.; Lanotte, G.; Périères, J.; Martini, A.; Saddiki, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 269