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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Subsoil heterogeneities controlling porewater contaminant mass and microbial diversity at a site with a complex pollution historyPuigserver Cuerda, Diana; Carmona Pérez, José Ma. (José María); Cortés Lucas, Amparo; Viladevall Solé, Manuel; Nieto Marqueño, José María; Grifoll Ruiz, Magdalena; Vila Grajales, Joaquim; Parker, B.L.
1-Jan-2016Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of the extract of a Moroccan endemic Narcissus: Narcissus broussonetiiRazik, Amal; Adly, Farida; Moussaid, Mina; Berhal, Chadi; Moussaid, Hassan; Elamrani, Abdelaziz; Bellahcen, Touria Ould; Bourhim, Nourdinne; Eddine, Jamal Jamal; Codina Mahrer, Carles; Bastida Armengol, Jaume; Lotfi, Mohamed
2016Identification of Alkaloids from Hippeastrum aulicum (Ker Gawl.) Herb.(Amaryllidaceae) Using CGC-MS and Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry (PS-MS and LS-MS)Bessa, Carliani D.P.B.; Andrade, Jean P. de; Oliveira, Renata S. de; Domingos, Eloilson; Santos, Heloa; Romão, Wanderson; Bastida Armengol, Jaume; Borges, Warley S.
11-Jan-2016Production of highly bioactive resveratrol analogues pterostilbene and piceatannol in metabolically engineered grapevine cell culturesMartínez Márquez, Ascensión; Morante Carriel, Jaime A; Ramírez Estrada, Karla; Cusidó Vidal, Rosa M.; Palazón Barandela, Javier; Bru Martínez, Roque
24-Mar-2015Intermediate hosts of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in Tenerife, SpainMartin-Alonso, Aarón; Abreu Yanes, Estefanía; Feliu José, Carlos; Mas-Coma, Santiago; Bargues, María Dolores; Valladares, Basilio; Foronda, Pilar
2009A propòsit de Papaver alpinum L. subsp. rhaeticum (Leresche) Markgr. als Pirineus catalans.Barnola, Pere; Garnatje i Roca, Teresa; Tenas, Beatriu; Vallès Xirau, Joan, 1959-; Vigo, Josep, 1937-
5-Jan-2017Development of diagnostics for Chagas disease: where should we put our limited resources?Picado, Albert; Angheben, A.; Marchiol, Andrea; Alarcón de Noya, Belkisyolé; Flevaud, Laurence; Pinazo, M. J.; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat); Meymandi, Sheba; Moriana, Silvia
12-Jan-2015Outer-inner membrane vesicles naturally secreted by gram-negative pathogenic bacteria.Pérez-Cruz, Carla; Delgado, Lídia; López-Iglesias, Carmen; Mercadé Gil, M. Elena
1-Oct-2016Living together in biofilms: the microbial cell factory and its biotechnological implicationsBerlanga Herranz, Mercedes; Guerrero, Ricardo, 1943-
2-Jun-2016Rol genes enhance the biosynthesis of antioxidants in Artemisia carvifolia Buch.Dilshad, Erum.; Ismail, Hammad.; Haq, Ihsan-ul; Cusidó Vidal, Rosa M.; Palazón Barandela, Javier; Ramírez Estrada, Karla; Mirza, Bushra.
30-Oct-2015Xyloglucan for the treatment of actue diarrhea: results of a randomized, controlled, open-label, parallel group, multicentre, national clinical trialGnessi, Lucio; Bacarea, Vladimir; Marusteri Marius; Piqué i Clusella, Núria
2016Advances in the research of new genetic markers for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infectionPiqué i Clusella, Núria; Palau, Montserrat; Berlanga Herranz, Mercedes; Miñana i Galbis, David
20-Oct-2016Wild food plants and minor crops in the Ripollès district (Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula): potentialities for developing a local production, consumption and exchange programRigat, M.; Gras, A.; Ambrosio, U. d'; Garnatje, T.; Parada i Soler, Montserrat, 1968-; Vallès Xirau, Joan, 1959-
7-Oct-2015Genetic transformation of Artemisia carvifolia Buch with rol genes enhances artemisinin accumulationDilshad, E.; Cusidó Vidal, Rosa M.; Ramírez Estrada, Karla; Bonfill Baldrich, Ma. Mercedes; Mirza, B.
15-Oct-2015Enhanced artemisinin yield by expression of rol genes in artemisia annuaDilshad, E.; Cusidó Vidal, Rosa M.; Palazón Barandela, Javier; Ramírez Estrada, Karla; Bonfill Baldrich, Ma. Mercedes; Mirza, B.
28-Nov-2015Intradomiciliary and peridomiciliary captures of sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in the leishmaniasis endemic area of Chapare province, Tropic of Cochabamba, BoliviaBallart Ferrer, J. Cristina; Vidal, G.; Picado, A.; Rojas, M.; Torrico, F.; Torrico, M. C.; Lozano, D.; Gállego Culleré, M. (Montserrat)
1-Mar-2016Microbis canalles per a la canallaGuerrero, Ricardo, 1943-; Berlanga Herranz, Mercedes
2-May-2016Detection and Quantification of Viable and Nonviable Trypanosoma cruzi Parasites by a Propidium Monoazide Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay.Cancino-Faure, Beatriz; Fisa Saladrigas, Roser; Alcover Amengual, Maria Magdalena; Jimenez-Marco, Teresa; Riera Lizandra, Ma. Cristina
25-Feb-2016The holobiont concept: the case of xylophagous termites and cockroachesBerlanga Herranz, Mercedes; Guerrero, Ricardo, 1943-
7-Apr-2016Gut bacterial community of the xylophagous cockroaches Cryptocercus punctulatus and Parasphaeria boleirianaBerlanga Herranz, Mercedes; Llorens, Carlos; Comas Riu, Jaume F.; Guerrero, Ricardo, 1943-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 213