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1-Feb-2019Do metabolic changes underpin physiological responses to water limitation in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) plants during a regrowth period?Molero, Gemma; Tcherkez, Guillaume; Roca, Regina; Mauve, Caroline; Cabrera-Bosquet, Llorenç; Araus Ortega, José Luis; Nogués Mestres, Salvador; Aranjuelo, Iker
Oct-2015Biofilm growth and nitrogen uptake responses to increases in nitrate and ammonium availabilityRibot, M.; von Schiller, D.; Sabater i Comas, Francesc; Martí, E.
23-May-2014Agronomic conditions and crop evolution in ancient Near East agricultureAraus Ortega, José Luis; Ferrio, Juan P.; Voltas, Jordi; Aguilera, Mònica; Buxó, Ramón
Jan-2011Age and individual foraging behavior predict tooth wear in Amboseli baboonsGalbany i Casals, Jordi; Altmann, Jeanne; Martínez Pérez-Pérez, Alejandro; Alberts, Susan C.
15-Jan-2018Valorisation of N and P from waste water by using natural reactive hybrid sorbents: Nutrients (N,P,K) release evaluation in amended soils by dynamic experimentsGuaya, Diana; Valderrama, César; Farrana, Adriana; Sauras Yera, Teresa; Cortina, José Luis
20-Jul-2017Antarctic sea ice region as a source of biogenic organic nitrogen in aerosolsDall'Osto, Manuel; Ovadnevaite, Jurgita; Paglione, Marco; Beddows, David C. S.; Ceburnis, Darius; Cree, Charlotte; Cortes, Pau; Zamanillo, Marina; Nunes, Sdena O.; Perez, Gonzalo L.; Ortega-Retuerta, Eva; Emelianov, Mikhail; Vaque, Dolors; Marrase, Celia; Estrada, Marta; Sala, M. Montserrat; Vidal Barcelona, Montserrat; Fitzsimons, Mark F.; Beale, Rachael; Airs, Ruth; Rinaldi, Matteo; Decesari, Stefano; Facchini, Maria Cristina; Harrison, Roy M.; O'Dowd, Colin; Simo, Rafel
3-Jul-2017Sea ice phenology and primary productivity pulses shape breeding success in Arctic seabirdsRamírez Benítez, Francisco José; Tarroux, A.; Hovinen, J.; Navarro, J.; Afán, I.; Forero, M.G.; Descamps, S.
11-Jul-2017Regional and local environmental conditions do not shape the response to warming of a marine habitat-forming speciesCrisci, C.; Ledoux, J. -B.; Mokhtar-Jamai, K.; Bally, M.; Bensoussan, N.; Aurelle, D.; Cebrian, E.; Coma, R.; Feral, J. -P.; La Riviere, M.; Linares Prats, Cristina; Lopez-Sendino, P.; Marschal, C.; Ribes, M.; Teixido, N.; Zuberer, F.; Garrabou, J.
24-Jan-2018Novel insights on new particle formation derived from a pan- european observing systemDall'Osto, M.; Beddows,, D. C. S.; Asmi, A.; Poulain, L.; Hao, L.; Freney, E.; Allan, J. D.; Canagaratna, M.; Crippa, M.; Bianchi, F.; de Leeuw, G.; Eriksson, A.; Swietlicki, E.; Hansson, H. C.; Henzing, J. S.; Granier, C.; Zemankova , K; Laj, P.; Onasch, T.; Prevot, A.; Putaud , J. P.; Sellegri, K.; Vidal Barcelona, Montserrat; Virtanen, A.; Simó, R.; Worsnop,D.; O'Dowd, C.; Kulmala, M.; Harrison R.M.
22-Dec-2015Experimental evidence of synergistic effects of warming and invasive algae on a temperate reef-builder coralKersting, D.K.; Cebrián, C.; Casado, C.; Teixidó, N.; Garrabou, J.; Linares Prats, Cristina
14-Feb-2018Dry habitats sustain high CO2 emissions from temporary ponds across seasonsObrador Sala, Biel; von Schiller, Daniel; Marce, Rafael; Gomez-Gener, Lluis; Koschorreck, Matthias; Borrego, Carles; Catalan, Nuria
30-Dec-2016Are we working towards global research priorities for management and conservation of sea turtles?Rees, A. F.; Alfaro-Shigueto, J.; Barata, P. C. R.; Bjorndal, K. A.; Bolten, A. B.; Bourjea, J.; Broderick, A. C.; Campbell, L. M.; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Casale, P.; Ceriani, S. A.; Dutton, P. H.; Eguchi, T.; Formia, A.; Fuentes, M. M. P. B.; Fuller, W. J.; Girondot, M.; Godfrey, M. H.; Hamann, M.; Hart, K. M.; Hays G. C.; Hochscheid, S.; Kaska, Y.; Jensen, M. P.; Mangel, J. C.; Mortimer, J. A.; Naro-Maciel, E.; Ng, C. K. Y.; Nichols, W. J.; Phillott, A. D.; Reina, R. D.; Revuelta, O.; Schofield, G.; Seminoff, J. A.; Shanker, K.; Tomás, J.; Merwe, J. P. van de; Houtan, K. S. van; Vander Zanden, H. B.
2009Physiological responses of Eichhornia crassipes [Mart.] Solms to the combined exposure to excess nutrients and HgCaldelas Molina, Cristina; Iglesia-Turiño, Santiago; Araus Ortega, José Luis; Bort Pie, Jordi; Febrero Ribas, Anna
10-Jan-2018Assessment of metal immission in urban environments using elemental concentrations and Zinc isotope signatures in leaves of Nerium oleanderMartín, A.; Caldelas Molina, Cristina; Weiss, D.; Aranjuelo, I.; Navarro, E.
15-May-2014Time-dependent effects of climate and drought on tree growth in a Neotropical dry forest: short-term tolerance vs. long-term sensitivity.Mendivelso, H.A.; Camarero, J.J.; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia; Zuidema, P.A.
11-Apr-2015Distinct effects of climate warming on populations of silver fir (Abies alba) across EuropeGazol, A.; Camarero, J.J.; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia; Popa, I.; Andreu-Hayles, L.; Hayles, L.; Motta, R.; Nola, P.; Ribas, M.; Sangüesa-Barreda, G.; Barreda, G.; Urbinati, C.; Carrer, M.
12-Nov-2008The influence of breeding colony and sex on levels of mercury, selenium and lead levels and carbon and nitrogen stable isotope signatures in summer and winter feathers of Calonectris shearwatersRamos i Garcia, Raül; González-Solís, Jacob; Forero, M.G.; Moreno, R.; Gómez-Díaz, E.; Ruiz, X.; Hobson, K.A.
9-May-2017Assessing the relevance of herbarium collections as tools for conservation biology.Nualart, N.; Ibáñez, N.; Soriano i Tomàs, Ignasi; López-Pujol, J.
15-Jul-2015Contrasting growth and water use strategies in four co-occurring Mediterranean tree species revealed by concurrent measurements of sap flow and stem diameter variationsSánchez-Costa, E.; Poyatos, R.; Sabaté i Jorba, Santi
Dec-2016Childhood trauma, BDNF Val66Met and subclinical psychotic experiences. Attempt at replication in two independent samplesde Castro-Catala, M.; van Nierop, M.; Barrantes-Vidal, N.; Cristóbal-Narváez, P.; Sheinbaum, T.; Kwapil, T.R.; Peña, E.; Jacobs, N.; Derom, C.; Thiery, E.; van Os, J.; van Winkel, R.; Rosa, Araceli
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 798