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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Similarity in the difference: changes in community functional features along natural and anthropogenic stress gradients.Gutiérrez-Cánovas, C.; Sánchez-Fernández, D.; Velasco, J.; Millán, A.; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria
3-Jan-2017IRBAS: An online database to collate, analyze, and synthesize data on the biodiversity and ecology of intermittent rivers worldwideLeigh, C.; Laporte, B.; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Fritz, K.; Pella, H.; Sauquet, E.; Tockner, K.; Datry, Thibault
31-Jan-2017Seasonality and predictability shape temporal species diversityTonkin, Jonathan D.; Bogan, Michael T.; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Rios Touma, Blanca; Lytle, David A.
2012First record of Ochthebius (Ochthebius judemaesi Delgado & Jäch, 2007 in Nothern Africa (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae)Sáinz Cantero, Carmen E.; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Múrria i Farnós, Francesc; Acosta Rivas, Carlos Raúl; Garrido, J.
31-Jan-2018Grain size selection in case building by the mountain cased-caddisfly species Potamophylax latipennis (Curtis, 1834): a trade-off between building time and energetic costs.De Gispert, Quim; Alfenas, Guilherme; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria
Nov-2013Mediterranean-climate streams and rivers: geographically separated but ecologically comparable freshwater systemsBonada i Caparrós, Núria; Resh, Vincent H.
2013Vulnerability of stream biota to climate change in mediterranean climate regions: a synthesis of ecological responses and conservation challengesFilipe, A.F.; Lawrence, J.E.; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria
Nov-2013Freshwater biodiversity and conservation in mediterranean climate streams of Chile.Figueroa, Ricardo; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Guevara, Meyer; Pedreros, Pablo; Correa-Araneda, Francisco; Díaz, María E.; Ruiz, Victor H.
19-Aug-2013Spatial scale effects on taxonomic and biological trait diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates in Mediterranean streamsGarcía-Roger, Eduardo M.; Sánchez-Montoya, María del Mar; Cid Puey, Núria; Erba, Stefania; Karaouzas, Ioannis; Verkaik, Iraima; Rieradevall i Sant, Maria; Gómez, Rosa; Suárez, M. Luisa; Vidal-Abarca Gutiérrez, María Rosario; Demartini, Daniele; Buffagni, Andrea; Skoulikidis, Skoulikidis; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Prat i Fornells, Narcís
21-Jul-2015A biological tool to assess flow connectivity in reference temporary streams from the Mediterranean BasinCid Puey, Núria; Verkaik, Iraima; García-Roger, E. M.; Rieradevall i Sant, Maria; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Sánchez-Montoya, M. M.; Gómez, R.; Suárez, M.L.; Vidal-Abarca, M. R.; Demartini, D.; Buffagni, A.; Erba, S.; Karaouzas, I.; Skoulikidis, N.; Prat i Fornells, Narcís