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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2013A test of Suchey-Brooks (pubic symphysis) and Buckberry-Chamberlain (auricular surface) methods on an identified Spanish sample: paleodemographic implicationsSan Millán, M.; Rissech, C.; Turbón, Daniel
10-Jan-2011Postnatal ontogenesis of the tibia. Implications for age and sex estimationLópez-Costas, O.; Rissech, C.; Trancho Gayo, Gonzalo Javier; Turbón, Daniel
2011Do mediterranean genera not included in Tachet et al. (2002) have mediterranean trait characteristics?Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Dolédec, S.
15-Aug-2013The reproductive cycle of the sea urchin Arbacia lixula in northwest mediterranean: potential influence of temperature and photoperiodWangensteen Fuentes, Owen S. (Simon); Turon Barrera, Xavier; Casso, M.; Palacín Cabañas, Cruz
6-Sep-2013Technical Note: Dissolved organic matter fluorescence a finite mixture approach to deconvolve excitation-emission matricesButturini, Andrea; Ejarque, E.
Jun-2013Presencia de Symbiocladius wygodzinskyi Roback, 1965 (Diptera, Chironomidae) en Perú. Notas taxonómicas.Prat i Fornells, Narcís; Acosta Rivas, Carlos Raúl; Rieradevall i Sant, Maria
31-May-2013Stream hydrological fragmentation drives bacterioplankton community compositionFazi, Stefano; Vázquez Garcia, Eusebi; Ortega Casamayor, Emilio; Amalfitano, Stefano; Butturini, Andrea
Oct-2012Phylogenetic relationships of the newly discovered sexual state of Talaromyces flavovirens, comb. nov.Visagie, Cobus M.; Llimona, Xavier; Vila, Jordi (Vila i Garcia); Louis-Seize, Gerry; Seifert, Keith A.
9-Oct-2013Ten years after the Prestige Oil Spill: seabird trophic ecology as indicator of long-term effects on the coastal marine ecosystemMoreno Carrillo, Rocío; Jover Armengol, Lluís de; Diez, Carmen; Sardá Amills, Francisco; Sanpera Trigueros, Carola
2011Effects of Different Salinities on Juvenile Growth of Gammarus aequicauda (Malacostraca: Amphipoda)Delgado, Lídia; Guerao Serra, Guillermo; Ribera Almerje, Carles