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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2010Trophic structure in a seabird host-parasite food web: insights from stable isotope analysesGómez Díaz, Elena; González-Solís, Jacob
6-Dec-2011Seabirds and the circulation of Lyme borreliosis bacteria in the North PacificLobato, E.; Pearce-Duvet, J.; Staszewski, V.; Gómez Díaz, Elena; González-Solís, Jacob; Kitaysky, A.; McCoy, K.D.; Boulinier, Thierry
2009Population structure in a highly pelagic seabird, the Cory's shearwater (Calonectris diomedea): an examination of genetics, morphology and ecologyGómez Díaz, Elena; González-Solís, Jacob; Peinado Morales, Miguel Á. (Miguel Ángel)
Jul-2007Geographic assignment of seabirds to their origin: combining morphology, genetics and biogeochemical analysesGómez Díaz, Elena; González-Solís, Jacob
Jul-2011Trophic versus geographic structure in stable isotope signatures of pelagic seabirds breeding in the northeast AtlanticRoscales García, Jose Luis; Gómez Díaz, Elena; Neves, V.C.; González-Solís, Jacob
2013Population connectivity buffers genetic diversity loss in a seabirdRamírez, O.; Gómez Díaz, Elena; Olalde, I.; Illera, J.C.; Rando, J.C.; González-Solís, Jacob; Lalueza Fox, Carles, 1965-
13-Mar-2014Circulation of a Meaban-like virus in yellow-legged gulls and seabird ticks in the western Mediterranean BasinArnal, A.; Gómez Díaz, Elena; Cerdà Cuéllar, Marta; Lecollinet, S.; Pearce-Duvet, J.; Busquets, Núria; García-Bocanegra, I.; Pagès, N.; Vittecoq, M.; Hammouda, A.; Samraoui, B.; Garnier, R.; Ramos i Garcia, Raül; Selmi, S.; González-Solís, Jacob; Jourdain, E.; Boulinier, Thierry
26-Dec-2014Comparing multiple criteria for species identification in two recently diverged seabirdsMilitão, Teresa; Gómez Díaz, Elena; Kaliontzopoulou, A.; González-Solís, Jacob