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Title: Comparison of the gender gap between Spain and Austria in the technology sector. A brief analysis of the technological sector, the role of the directive women in it and the study of comparative indicators on both countries.
Author: Serra Galindo, Carla
Director/Tutor: Vivancos Sánchez, Carme
Keywords: Discriminació sexual en el treball
Indústries d'alta tecnologia
Treballs de fi de grau
Sex discrimination in employment
High technology industries
Bachelor's thesis
Issue Date: Oct-2021
Abstract: The research presented in this paper is on the comparison of the gender gap that exists in the technology sector between Spain and Austria. It is intended to answer the hypothesis of whether it can be concluded that the gap is greater in Spain than in Austria. My goal is to try to demonstrate whether one of the two countries has a gender gap is smaller in one country or another. To respond to this, they have been taken two analysis methods. First, quantitative data has been analysed on the situation of the sector in both countries by extracting information from previous studies and publications. On the other hand, leading women in the technology sector have been interviewed to have a qualitative part that represents the situation these women are experiencing and to draw conclusions based on their personal opinions. The conclusion I have drawn is that it depends on many indicators and in some aspects, Spain is in a better situation than in Austria and in other Austria leads with better results. Therefore, I believe that an even more extensive study, more interviews and more detailed analysis of other indicators should be carried out, so that we could try to draw a clear conclusion. To conclude, the hypothesis is confirmed but the necessity of considering more variables in order to analyse properly the current situation of each country is essential if a good and complete analysis is expected. The ratio of female to male labour participation in both countries has increased but it is still lower in Spain and the female earnings from closing the gender gap are the half in Spain than in Austria. Spain also presents a smaller number of women in the representation board of companies. In the technology sector, the presence of the glass ceiling has also been proved, since there are few companies among the ones with the highest income that have a female CEO.
Note: Treballs Finals del Grau d'Empresa Internacional, Facultat d'Economia i Empresa, Universitat de Barcelona, Curs: 2020-2021, Tutor: Carme Vivancos Sánchez
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