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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An AdS/QCD model from tachyon condensation: IIIatrakis, Ioannis; Kiritsis, Elias; Paredes, Ángel
2010Single-inclusive production of large-pT charged particles in hadronic collisions at TeV energies and perturbative QCD predictionsArleo, François; Enterria i Adan, David G. d'; Yoon, Andre S.
2010Holographic superconductors from gauged supergravityAprile, Francesco; Roest, Diederik; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
19-Nov-2010Cherenkov mesons as in-medium quark energy lossCasalderrey Solana, Jorge; Fernández, Daniel (Fernández Moreno); Mateos, David (Mateos Solé)
2010Non-Gaussianity from large-scale structure surveysVerde, Licia
2010Cosmological parameters degeneracies and non-Gaussian halo biasCarbone, Carmelita; Mena, Olga; Verde, Licia
2010Can we measure the neutrino mass hierarchy in the sky?Jiménez, Raúl (Jiménez Tellado); Kitching, Thomas; Peña-Garay, Carlos; Verde, Licia
2010Constraints on cosmic opacity and beyond the standard model physics from cosmological distance measurementsAvgoustidis, Anastasios; Burrage, Clare; Redondo, Javier; Verde, Licia; Jiménez, Raúl (Jiménez Tellado)
2010Robust neutrino constraints by combining low redshift observations with the CMBReid, B. A.; Verde, Licia; Jiménez, Raúl (Jiménez Tellado); Mena, O.
2010Coupled dark matter-dark energy in light of near Universe observationsLópez Honorez, Laura; Reid, Beth A.; Mena, Olga; Verde, Licia; Jiménez, Raúl (Jiménez Tellado)