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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2011Accounting research: a critical view of the present situation and prospectsArgilés Bosch, Josep M.; García Blandón, Josep
1-Dec-2011Fair value versus historical cost-based valuation for biological assets: Predictability of financial informationArgilés Bosch, Josep M.; García Blandón, Josep; Monllau, Teresa
30-Jan-2012A comparative study of difficulties in accounting preparation and judgement in agriculture using fair value and historical cost accounting for biological assets valuationArgilés Bosch, Josep M.; Sabata i Aliberch, Anna; García Blandón, Josep
30-Jun-2011Ex-Dividend Day Returns when Dividend and Capital Gains are Taxed at the Same RateGarcía Blandón, Josep; Martínez Blasco, Mònica; Argilés Bosch, Josep M.
Jun-2017The influence of the trade-off between profitability and future increases in sales on cost stickinessArgilés Bosch, Josep M.; García Blandón, Josep; Ravenda, Diego; Valencia Silva, Maika; Somoza López, Antonio
Jun-2015Detection Model of Legally Registered Mafia Firms in ItalyRavenda, Diego; Argilés Bosch, Josep M.; Valencia Silva, Maika
Jan-2017Productivity and environmental costs from intensification of farming. A panel data analysis across EU regionsAntonini, Carla; Argilés Bosch, Josep M.
Nov-2015Does the informational role of the Annual General Meeting depend on a country's legal tradition?Martínez Blasco, Mònica; García Blandón, Josep; Argilés Bosch, Josep M.
5-Aug-2013Audit firm tenure and qualified opinions: New evidence from SpainGarcía Blandón, Josep; Argilés Bosch, Josep M.
Dec-2014Empirical analysis of the incidence of accidents in the workplace on firms' financial performanceArgilés Bosch, Josep M.; Marti Pidelaserra, Jordi; Monllau, Teresa; García Blandón, Josep; Urgell Chao, Ma. Teresa