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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The interaction effects of firm and partner tenure on audit qualityGarcía Blandón, Josep; Argilés Bosch, Josep M.
Jul-2019Integrating theories to predict clothing purchase on SNSPujadas Hostench, Jordi; Palau i Saumell, Ramon; Forgas-Coll, Santiago; Matute Vallejo, Jorge
Jul-2018Logarithmic aggregation operators and distance measuresAlfaro-García, Víctor G.; Merigó Lindahl, José M.; Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Kacprzyk, Janusz
Jun-2019Urban food markets and their sustainability: the compatibility of traditional and tourist usesCrespi Vallbona, Montserrat; Domínguez Pérez, Marta; Mascarilla i Miró, Oscar
Sep-2019A fuzzy asymmetric TOPSIS model for optimizing investment in online advertising campaignsArroyo Cañada, Francisco Javier; Gil Lafuente, Jaime
Sep-2019Clothing brand purchase intention through SNSPujadas Hostench, Jordi; Palau Saumell, Ramon; Forgas-Coll, Santiago; Sánchez García, Javier
Sep-2019Working sick and out of sorts: A cross-cultural approach to presenteeism climate, organizational justice and the work-family conflictFerreira, Aristides Isidoro; Mach Piera, Mercè; Martinez, Luis Fructuoso; Brewster, Christopher John; Dahger, Grace; Perez-Nebra, Amalia; Lisowskaia, Antonina
Sep-2019Gender equality index of the autonomous communities of Spain: a multidimensional analysisGil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Torres Martínez, Agustín; Amiguet-Molina, Luis; Bòria Reverter, Sefa
Sep-2017An assessment of mandatory audit firm rotation and limitation of non-audit services imposed by the Regulation (EU) No 537/2014: Evidence from SpainGarcía Blandón, Josep; Argilés Bosch, Josep M.; Martínez Blasco, Mònica; Castillo Merino, David
Mar-2018New aggregation operators for decision-making under uncertainty: an applications in selection of entrepreneurial opportunitiesBlanco Mesa, Fabio Raúl; Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Merigó Lindahl, José M.