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Title: Verí sense antídot per al Sòcrates històric i la tragèdia barroca al Verí del teatre de Rodolf Sirera. (Una dosi extrema de sadisme per aturar els excessos de la ficció teatral).
Author: Gilabert Barberà, Pau
Keywords: Tradició clàssica
Filosofia grega
Teatre clàssic
Teatre barroc
Teatre català
Literatura francesa
Classical tradition
Sirera, Rodolf, 1948-. Verí del teatre
Greek philosophy
Sòcrates, 470-399 aC
Racine, Jean, 1639-1699
Catalan drama
Sade, marquis de, 1740-1814
Classical tragedy
Baroque tragedy
French literature
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Socrates' serene attitude before his death -although this is questioned-, as described by Xenophon in his Apologia Socratis becomes for the playwright Rodolf Sirera a useful reference in an effort to reflect boldly on the limits of theatrical fiction in another clear example of the Classical Tradition, including that derived from Baroque Tragedy. However, in this case, it is judged severely to make us more conscious of the risk of turning life into a mere theatrical performance and human beings into actors and actresses in a play they did not write.
Note: Versió en català del document publicat a: Estudios Clásicos, 139, 2011 pp. 111-136
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