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Title: Gene flow and gene flux shape evolutionary patterns of variation in Drosophila subobscura
Author: Pegueroles Queralt, Cinta
Aquadro, Charles F.
Mestres i Naval, Francesc
Pascual Berniola, Marta
Keywords: Drosòfila subobscura
Genètica evolutiva
Drosophila subobscura
Evolutionary genetics
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2013
Publisher: The Genetics Society
Abstract: Gene flow (defined as allele exchange between populations) and gene flux (defined as allele exchange during meiosis in heterokaryotypic females) are important factors decreasing genetic differentiation between populations and inversions. Many chromosomal inversions are under strong selection and their role in recombination reduction enhances the maintenance of their genetic distinctness. Here we analyze levels and patterns of nucleotide diversity, selection and demographic history, using 37 individuals of Drosophila subobscura from Mount Parnes (Greece) and Barcelona (Spain). Our sampling focused on two frequent O-chromosome arrangements that differ by two overlapping inversions (OST and O3+4), which are differentially adapted to the environment as observed by their opposing latitudinal clines in inversion frequencies. The six analyzed genes (Pif1A, Abi, Sqd, Yrt, Atpa and Fmr1) were selected for their location across the O-chromosome and their implication in thermal adaptation. Despite the extensive gene flux detected outside the inverted region, significant genetic differentiation between both arrangements was found inside it. However, high levels of gene flow were detected for all six genes when comparing the same arrangement among populations. These results suggest that the adaptive value of inversions is maintained, regardless of the lack of genetic differentiation within arrangements from different populations, and thus favors the Local Adaptation hypothesis over the Coadapted Genome hypothesis as the basis of the selection acting on inversions in these populations.
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It is part of: Heredity, 110(6) 2013, p. 520-529
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ISSN: 0018-067X
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