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Title: Crocodilian and Paleobotanical findinds from tertiary lignites of the As Pontes Basin (Galicia, N.W. Spain) (Crocodylia, Plantae)
Author: Cabrera, Lluís
Jung, W.
Kirchner, M.
Sáez, Alberto
Schleich, H. H.
Keywords: Rèptils fòssils
Fossil reptiles
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Schweizerbart
Abstract: From the Tertiary As Pontes basin (Galicia, Spain) the first reptilian remains (Crocodylia, Diplocy nodon s.\.) are described. Together with these findings palaeobotanical data (pollen, fructífications)result from the same sediment sampled. They are used for stratigraphical and palaecological interpretations. Due to these palaeontological informations one might interprete the lower As Pontes lignites as belonging to the Paleogene, most probably Oligocene. Nevertheless complementary data are needed lo confirm this stratigraphic contributíon.
It is part of: Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, 1994, vol. 173, p. 153-165
ISSN: 0341-4116
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