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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jan-2016El periplo de los Hávamál en los paises de habla germánica: aspectos de su recepción ecdótica, traductológica y teórico-críticaGarcía López, Inés
27-Nov-2015Phonological awareness and pronunciation in a second languageKivistö de Souza, Hanna
20-Nov-2015English language learning in CLIL and EFL classroom settings: a look at two primary education schoolsMarsol Jornet, Anna
17-Jan-2014Individual differences in adult learners of english as a foreign language at two levels of proficiencyArtieda Gutiérrez, Gemma
18-Jan-2008Working-class Culture and Work as portrayed in Texts and Films of Alan Sillitoe´s "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" and "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner"Keady, Stephen
20-Jun-2014The Acquisition of English by Immigrant School Learners in Catalonia: Affective Variables and Cross-linguistic InfluenceCiruela Castillo, Carmen
30-Jan-2013Deterritorialising patriarchal binary oppositions: Deleuze and Guattari, Virginia Woolf, Masculinities and Film AdaptationsOrtega, Dolors
27-Nov-2014Crosslinguistic influence in the acquisition of Greek as a foreign language by Spanish/Catalan L1 learners: The role of proficiency and stays abroadAndria, Maria
21-Jan-2016Das Märchenstück im zeitgenössischen Kindertheater. Die Adaption von Grimms Märchen für die BühneAuseller, Jordi
29-Jan-2016An ideal L2 self intervention: implications for self-concept, motivation annd engagement with the target languageMackay, Jessica