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Title: Particle propagation in non-trivial backgrounds: a quantum field theory approach
Author: Arteaga Barriel, Daniel
Director: Verdaguer Oms, Enric, 1950-
Keywords: Gravitació
Teoria quàntica de camps
Física teòrica
Relació de dispersió
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2007
Publisher: Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract: The basic aim of the thesis is the study of the propagation of particles and quasiparticles in non-trivial backgrounds from the quantum field theory point of view. By "non-trivial background" we mean either a non-vacuum state in Minkowski spacetime or an arbitrary state in a curved spacetime. Starting with the case of a flat spacetime, the basic properties of the particle and quasiparticle propagation are analyzed using two different methods other than the conventional mean-field-based techniques: on the one hand, the quantum state corresponding to the quasiparticle excitation is explicitly constructed; on the other hand, the spectral representation of the two-point propagators is analyzed. Both methods lead to the same results: the energy and decay rate of the quasiparticles are determined by the real and imaginary parts of the retarded self-energy respectively. These general results are applied to two particular quantum systems: first, a scalar particle immersed in a thermal graviton bath; second, a simplified atomic model, seizing the opportunity to connect with other statistical and first-quantized approaches. In the second part of the thesis the results are extended to curved spacetime. Working with a quasilocal quasiparticle concept the flat-spacetime results are recovered. In cosmology, within the adiabatic approximation, it is possible to go beyond the flat spacetime results and find additional effects due to the universe expansion. The cosmologically-induced effects are analyzed, obtaining that there might be an additional contribution to the particle decay due to the universe expansion. In the de Sitter case, this additional contribution coincides with the decay rate in a thermal bath in a flat spacetime at the corresponding de Sitter temperature.
ISBN: 9788469083994
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