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Title: Ansiedad y depresión en parejas que incian un tratamiento de fecundación in vitro (FIV): rol de las estrategias de afrontamiento
Author: Muñoz Cano, Dámaris
Forns, Maria, 1946-
Kirchner, Teresa
Peñarrubia, J.
Balasch Cortina, Juan
Keywords: Fecundació in vitro humana
Depressió psíquica
Adaptació (Psicologia)
Human in vitro fertilization
Mental depression
Adaptability (Psychology)
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Editorial Médica Panamericana
Abstract: Living with infertility and its emotional impact in couples has been frequently investigated. The objective of the present study was to establish in couples that initiate an IVF treatment:(1) their coping profile, anxiety level (State-anxiety; Trait-anxiety) and depression symptomatology;(2) the explanatory power of coping strategies over anxiety and depression levels, depending on gender. Method: we used a transversal study with 92 couples that begun an IVF treatment in the Assisted Reproduction Unit of the Hospital Clinic. All of them respond to the Spanish adaptation of the CRI-A, the STAI and the BDI-I. Results: the IVF population in comparison to the normal sample use less coping strategies and presents lower levels of anxiety and depression. Women IVF in comparison with man employ further avoidance strategies and present a higher score in depression and state-anxiety. Even when some exceptions exist, anxiety and depression levels are not well explained by coping strategies. Conclusions: It has been shown that the use of coping strategies on the IVF population are lower than in normative sample. Most of the couples present low anxiety (state / trait) and depression levels, and just a low percentage present scores that can require clinical attention. Key words: Infertility / IVF / Coping strategies / State anxiety / Trait anxiety / depression.
It is part of: Cuadernos de Medicina Reproductiva, 2012, vol. 18, num. 1, p. 53-62
ISSN: 1135-0970
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