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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2019Novel molecular alterations in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal lobar degeneration spectrumAndrés Benito, Pol
31-Oct-2019Cell death and cytokine-mediated inflammatory responses to glucose deprivation in cancer cellsPüschel, Franziska
30-Oct-2019Síntesis de inhibidores de Atg4B y desarrollo de nuevos métodos de bioconjugación basados en derivados del ácido escuáricoBilbao Girona, Ana
10-Apr-2019Hallmarks of Dermal Fibroblast AgingSalzer, Marion Claudia
3-Jul-2018CPEB2 in mammary gland homeostasis and breast cancerPascual Domingo, Rosa
27-Apr-2018Identification of mechanisms of acquired resistance to taxanes in triple negative breast cancer using patient-derived xenografts: a step closer to clinicsGómez Miragaya, Jorge
15-Dec-2017New targets in tumor angiogenesis to block tumor re-growth and therapeutic resistanceBassani, Nicklas
5-Sep-2017Aged Stem Cells Reprogram Their Daily Rhythmic Functions to Adapt to Tissue-Specific StressPeixoto, Francisca de Oliveira
20-Jul-2017Role of p38 MAPK in breast cancerCánovas Bilbao, Begoña
24-Mar-2017Functional analysis of EXD2 in mitochondrial homeostasisFaria da Silva, Joana Raquel
7-Mar-2017Microalgae as a new source of chitosansLatil de Ros, Derek
16-Mar-2017Protein-protein docking for interactomic studies and its aplication to personalized medicineBarradas Bautista, Didier
13-Dec-2016Connecting centrosomes, cilia and the DNA damage responseTerré, Berta
11-Dec-2016Biophysical study of the aggregation of the androgen receptor protein in spinal bulbar muscular atrophyChiesa, Giulio
17-Nov-2016Delivery of SN-38 in pediatric solid tumorsMonterrubio Martínez, Carles
11-Nov-2016The Multiple Tasks Endured by PI3K during neural tube developmentTorroba Balmori, Mª Blanca
20-Oct-2016Novel roles for the mitotic kinase Nek7 in hippocampal neuronsAvó Freixo, Francisco Duque Projecto
16-Sep-2016Effects of the mediterranean diet and virgin olive oil on the function of high-density lipoproteins and the atherogenicity of low-density lipoproteins in humansHernáez Camba, Álvaro
15-Jul-2016Molecular mechanisms involved in the immunomodulation induced by LIF in cancerSala Hojman, Ada
5-Jul-2016Dissecting the function of γTuRC subunits in microtubule nucleation and organizationRamírez Cota, Rosa María
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 90