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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-2017IRBAS: An online database to collate, analyze, and synthesize data on the biodiversity and ecology of intermittent rivers worldwideLeigh, C.; Laporte, B.; Bonada i Caparrós, Núria; Fritz, K.; Pella, H.; Sauquet, E.; Tockner, K.; Datry, Thibault
3-Feb-2017Intra-population variation in isotopic niche in herring-eating killer whales off IcelandSamarra, F. I. P.; Vighi, Morgana; Aguilar, Àlex; Víkingsson, G. A.
2015Ultrastructure of spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon in cyclophyllidean cestodesMiquel Colomé, Jordi; Torres Martínez, Jordi; Feliu José, Carlos
22-Mar-2016Global spatial ecology of three closely-related gadfly petrelsRamos i Garcia, Raül; Ramírez, Iván; Paiva, Vitor H; Militão, Teresa; Biscoito, Manuel; Menezes, Dília; Phillips, Richard A; Zino, Francis; González-Solís, Jacob
30-Jun-2017Importància dels guarets ambientals com a font d'insectes per a la conservació del sisó (Tetrax tetrax) i altres ocells esteparis en els secans cerealísticsEstrada Bonell, Joan; Mañosa, Santi; Bota Cabau, Gerard
Jun-2017Witnesses of early Pliocene sea-level rise in Manilva Basin (Málaga, S Spain)Aguirre, Julio; Domènech, Rosa; Martinell, Jordi, 1948-; Mayoral, Eduardo; Santos, Ana; Pérez Asensio, José Noel
5-Feb-2014Distribution patterns and foraging ground productivity determine clutch size in Mediterranean loggerhead turtlesCardona Pascual, Luis; Clusa Ferrand, Marcel; Eder, Elena; Demetropoulos, Andreas; Margaritoulis, Dimitris; Rees, ALan F.; Hamza, Abdulmaula A.; Khalil, Mona; Levy, Yaniv; Türkozan, Oguz; Marín, Isabel; Aguilar, Àlex
1-Apr-2015Topographical variation in lipid content and morphological structure of the blubber in the striped dolphinGómez Campos, Encarna; Borrell Thió, Assumpció; Correas, Jordi; Aguilar, Àlex
27-Dec-2017Temporal consistency of individual trophic specialization in southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina)Rita Espada, Diego; Drago, Massimiliano; Galiberti, Filippo; Cardona Pascual, Luis
8-Feb-2018Philopatry in loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta): beyond the gender paradigmClusa Ferrand, Marcel; Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Demetropoulos, Andreas; Margaritoulis, Dimitris; Rees, Alan F.; Hamza, Abdulmaula A.; Khalil, Mona; Levy, Yaniv; Turkozan, Oguz; Aguilar, Àlex; Pascual Berniola, Marta