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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2018Philopatry in loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta): beyond the gender paradigmClusa Ferrand, Marcel; Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Demetropoulos, Andreas; Margaritoulis, Dimitris; Rees, Alan F.; Hamza, Abdulmaula A.; Khalil, Mona; Levy, Yaniv; Turkozan, Oguz; Aguilar, Àlex; Pascual Berniola, Marta
30-Dec-2016Are we working towards global research priorities for management and conservation of sea turtles?Rees, A. F.; Alfaro-Shigueto, J.; Barata, P. C. R.; Bjorndal, K. A.; Bolten, A. B.; Bourjea, J.; Broderick, A. C.; Campbell, L. M.; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Casale, P.; Ceriani, S. A.; Dutton, P. H.; Eguchi, T.; Formia, A.; Fuentes, M. M. P. B.; Fuller, W. J.; Girondot, M.; Godfrey, M. H.; Hamann, M.; Hart, K. M.; Hays G. C.; Hochscheid, S.; Kaska, Y.; Jensen, M. P.; Mangel, J. C.; Mortimer, J. A.; Naro-Maciel, E.; Ng, C. K. Y.; Nichols, W. J.; Phillott, A. D.; Reina, R. D.; Revuelta, O.; Schofield, G.; Seminoff, J. A.; Shanker, K.; Tomás, J.; Merwe, J. P. van de; Houtan, K. S. van; Vander Zanden, H. B.
6-Nov-2017Satellite tracking and stable isotope analysis highlight differential recruitment among foraging areas in green turtlesBradshaw, Phil J.; Broderick, Annette C.; Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Inger, Richard; Fuller, Wayne; Snape, Robin; Stokes, Kimberley L.; Godley, Brendan J.
7-Apr-2017Dispersal of green turtles from Africa's largest rookery assessed through genetic markersPatrício, Ana R.; Formia, Angela; Barbosa, Castro; Broderick, Annette C.; Bruford, Mike; Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Catry, Paulo; Ciofi, Claudio; Regalla, Aissa; Godley, Brendan J.
1-Aug-2018Mediterranean sea turtles: current knowledge and priorities for conservation and researchCasale, Paolo; Broderick, Annette C.; Camiñas, Juan Antonio; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Demetropoulos, Aandreas; Fuller, Wayne J.; Godley, Brendan J.; Hochscheid, Sandra; Kaska, Yakup; Lazar, Bojan; Margaritoulis, Dimitris; Panagopoulou, Aliki; Rees, Alan F.; Tomás, Jesús; Turkozan, Oguz
23-Jan-2018Sporadic nesting reveals long distance colonisation in the philopatric loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta)Carreras Huergo, Carlos; Pascual, M.; Tomás, J.; Marco, A.; Hochscheid, A.; Castillo, Juan José; Parga, M.; Piovano, S.; Cardona Pascual, Luis; Gozalbes, P.