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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2018TestQuest: anàlisi i avaluació de testsRenom Pinsach, Jordi
27-Jun-2018Llei de Zipf i AplicacionsYe, Pan
23-Jul-2018Generalized distance based Linear Discriminant AnalysisBlanco Moreno, José Manuel
Jun-2018A tool for the stating of cahexia in càncer patients: CAchexia SCOre (CASCO)Argilés Huguet, Josep Ma.; López-Soriano, Francisco J.; Busquets Rius, Sílvia
1-Jun-2018Microsimulador del sistema de pensions espanyol a partir de la Muestra Continua de Vidas Laborales (DyPeS)Patxot, Concepció; Solé Juvés, Meritxell; Souto Nieves, Guadalupe
Aug-2018Predicting Intensive Care Unit Length of Stay via Supervised LearningAlbiol Mosegui, Jordi
3-Jul-2018Using deep learning and Open Street Maps to find features in aerial imagesBeltrán Segarra, Marc; Companys Rufián, Albert
3-Jul-2018Unsupervised segmentation using CNNs applied to food analysisBrufau Vidal, Montserrat; Ferrer Campo, Àlex; Gavalas, Markos
1-Jul-2018Sentiment analysis of student evaluation of teachingIkauniece, Indra
Feb-2018Q-learning in collaborative multiagent systemsGonzález Trastoy, Alfred