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Title: Compostos polinuclears de Coure i Manganès amb lligands oxima. Estudi magnètic.
Author: Cordero Crespo, Beatriz
Director: Escuer Fité, Albert
Keywords: Magnetisme
Compostos de coordinació
Coordination compounds
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2012
Publisher: Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract: [cat] El treball que es presenta es basa en la síntesi i estudi estructural i magnètic de compostos polinuclears de coure i manganès amb lligands de tipus oxima. L’objectiu dels compostos de coure és l’estudi magnètic a baixa temperatura de sistemes de diverses nuclearitats basats en el triangle Cu3. En el cas dels compostos de manganès, l’objectiu és la síntesi de sistemes que presentin comportament d’imant unimolecular (o SMM). En aquest treball s’han emprat majoritàriament lligands tipus oxima, en les seves formes piridil, pirazil i saliciloxima. Tant per al manganès com per al coure, els compostos obtinguts tenen forma majoritàriament t
[eng] This work is based in the synthesis of polynuclear copper and manganese compounds and their structural and magnetic study. The ligands used are of the oxime type (pyridyl, pyrazil and salicyl oxime). The majority of the obtained compounds show a triangle shape in which the ligands occupy the equatorial positions. Copper compounds based on the Cu3 with different nuclearities were obtained (Cu3, Cu6). Also it was possible to tune the dimensionality of the complexes depending on the ligand. The pyrazyne ligand possesses a second N in the aromatic ring that coordinates to a copper from a neighboring molecule. A magnetic study was carried out signaling that the closer the central O was to the Cu3 the more antiferromagnetic J value will be. These systems present antisymetric interactions which affect susceptibility and EPR measurements at low temperatures.
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