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Title: The Role of Canyons in Strata Formation
Author: Canals Artigas, Miquel
Casamor Bermúdez, José Luis
Lastras Membrive, Galderic
Monaco, A.
Acosta, Juan, 1949-
Berné, S.
Loubrieu, B.
Weaver, P. P. E.
Greham, A.
Dennielou, B.
Keywords: Estratigrafia
Valls submarines
Stratigraphic geology
Submarine valleys
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: The Oceanography Society
Abstract: This paper provides a spatial and temporal multi-scale approach of European submarine canyons. We fi rst present the long-term geologic view of European margins as related to controls on submarine canyon development. Then we discuss the extent to which submarine canyon systems resemble river systems because both essentially form drainage networks. Finally, we deal with the hortest-term, highestresolution scale to get a fl avor of the current functioning and health of modern submarine canyons in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Submarine canyons are unique features of the seafl oor whose existence was known by European fi shermen centuries ago, especially for those canyons that have their heads at short distance from shoreline. Popular names given to specifi c canyons in the different languages spoken in European coastal communities refer to the concepts of a"deep" or"trench." In the old times it was also common thinking that submarine canyons where so deep that nobody could measure their depth or even that they had no bottom. Submarine canyons are just one of the seven different types of seafl oor valleys identifi ed by Shepard (1973) in his pioneering morphogenetic classifi cation. Shepard (1973) defined submarine canyons as"steep-walled, sinuous valleys, with V-shaped cross sections, and relief comparable even to the largest of land canyons; tributaries are found in most of the canyons and rock outcrops abound on their walls." Canyons are features typical of continental slopes with their upper reaches and heads cut into the continental shelf.
It is part of: Oceanography, 2004, vol. 17, num. 4, p. 80-91
ISSN: 1042-8275
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