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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A panel data analysis of FDI and informal labor marketsBaez-Morales, Antonio
2014Dollarization and the relationship between EMBI and fundamentals Latin American countries [WP]Marí del Cristo, María Lorena; Gómez-Puig, Marta
2014When supply travels far beyond demand: Causes of oversupply in Spain’s transport infrastructureAlbalate, Daniel, 1980-; Bel i Queralt, Germà, 1963-; Fageda, Xavier, 1975-
2014Causality and Contagion in EMU Sovereign Debt Markets [WP]Gómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2014Tracking positive and negative effects of inequality on long-run growth [WP]Castells-Quintana, David; Royuela Mora, Vicente
2014An update on EMU sovereign yield spread drivers in times of crisis: A panel data analysis [WP]Gómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-; Ramos Herrera, María del Carmen
2014Interrelation among Economic Growth, Income Inequality, and Fiscal Performance: Evidence from Anglo-Saxon CountriesDavtyan, Karen
2014EMU sovereign debt market crisis: Fundamentals-based or pure contagion?Gómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2011If you want me to stay, payClaeys, Peter; Martire, Federico
2012The Business Excellence Attraction Composite Index (BEACI). Design and application to the Municipalities of the Barcelona ProvinceMurillo Viu, Joaquín; Romaní Fernández, Javier, 1969-; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi