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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Decomposition of differences in PISA results in middle income countriesNieto, Sandra; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
2011¿La sobreeducación de los padres afecta al rendimiento académico de sus hijos? (WP)Nieto, Sandra; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
2008Testing the FTPL across government tiersClaeys, Peter; Ramos Lobo, Raúl; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi
2013A gravity model of migration between ENC and EURamos Lobo, Raúl; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi
2013Skill mismatches in the EU: Immigrants vs. NativesNieto, Sandra; Matano, Alessia; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
2012Changes in Wage Structure in Mexico Going Beyond the Mean : An Analysis of Differences in Distribution, 1987-2008Tello de la Torre, Claudia; Ramos Lobo, Raúl; Artís Ortuño, Manuel
2006Job losses, outsourcing and relocation: empirical evidence using microdataArtís Ortuño, Manuel; Ramos Lobo, Raúl; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi
2006An analysis of the determinants in economics and business publications by spanish universities between 1994 and 2004 (WP)Ramos Lobo, Raúl; Royuela Mora, Vicente; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi
2006Supervised regionalization methods: A survey (WP)Duque, Juan Carlos; Ramos Lobo, Raúl; Suriñach Caralt, Jordi
2007Research networks and scientific production in Economics: The recent spanish experience (WP)Duque, Juan Carlos; Ramos Lobo, Raúl; Royuela Mora, Vicente