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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Nonfinancial debt and economic growth in euro-area countries [WP]Gómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2017Public debt and economic growth: Further evidence for the euro area [WP]Gómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2019Testing for private information using trade duration models with unobserved market heterogeneity: The case of Banco PopularPérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V; Gómez-Déniz, Emilio; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2018Time connectedness of fearAndrada-Félix, Julián; Fernández-Pérez, Adrián; Fernández Rodríguez, Fernando, 1954-; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2019Re-examining the debt-growth nexus: A grouped fixed-effect approachMartínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada; Gómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2019Distant or close cousins: Connectedness between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies volatilitiesAndrada-Félix, Julián; Fernández-Pérez, Adrián; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2019Has the ECB's Monetary Policy Promted Companies to Invest or Pay Dividends? [WP]Cohen, Lior; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-; Gómez-Puig, Marta
2019Increasing contingent guarantees: The asymmetrical effect on sovereign risk of different government interventionsSingh, Manish Kumar; Gómez-Puig, Marta; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2019Forecasting emerging market currencies: Are inflation expectations useful?Fuertes Mendoza, Alberto; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-