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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Incorporating creditors' seniority into contingent claim models: Applicarion to peripheral euro area countriesGómez-Puig, Marta; Singh, Manish Kumar; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2018Tracking economic growth by evolving expectations via genetic programming: A two-step approachClavería González, Óscar; Monte Moreno, Enric; Torra Porras, Salvador
2018The robustness of the sovereign-bank interconnection: Evidence from contingent claims analysisGómez-Puig, Marta; Singh, Manish Kumar; Sosvilla Rivero, Simón, 1961-
2018Linguistic skills and the intergenerational transmission of language [WP]Caminal Echevarría, Ramon; Cappellari, Lorenzo; Di Paolo, Antonio
2018Misinformation and Misperception in the market for parkingAlbalate, Daniel, 1980-; Gragera Lladó, Albert
2018Exposure to risk increases the excess of zero accident claims frequency in automobile insuranceGuillén, Montserrat; Nielsen, Jens Perch; Ayuso, Mercedes; Pérez Marín, Ana María
2018The benefits of PSM: an oasis or a mirage?Awan, Sahar; Bel i Queralt, Germà, 1963-; Esteve Laporta, Marc
2018The transition towards semi-autonomoues vehicle insurance: the contribution ofusage-based dataGuillén, Montserrat; Pérez Marín, Ana María
2018Major Reforms in Electricity Pricing: Evidence from a QuasiexperimentLabandeira Villot, Xavier; Labeaga Azcona, José María; Teixidó-Figueras, Jordi
2018Does inter-municipal cooperation really reduce delivery costs? An empirical evaluation of the role of scale economies, transaction costs, and governance arragementsBel i Queralt, Germà, 1963-; Sebö, Marianna