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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2008An autopsy study of maternal mortality in Mozambique: the contribution of infectious diseasesMenéndez, Clara; Romagosa Pérez-Portabella, Cleofé; Ismail, Mamudo R.; Carrilho, Carla; Saute, Francisco; Osman, Nafissa; Machungo, Fernanda; Bardají, Azucena; Quintó, Llorenç; Mayor Aparicio, Alfredo Gabriel; Naniche, Denise; Dobaño, Carlota, 1969-; Alonso, Pedro; Ordi i Majà, Jaume
2-May-2017In-Vivo Efficacy of Chloroquine to Clear Asymptomatic Infections in Mozambican Adults: A Randomized, Placebo-controlled Trial with Implications for Elimination StrategiesGalatas, Beatriz; Nhamussua, Lidia; Candrinho, Baltazar; Mabote, Lurdes; Cisteró, Pau; Gupta, Himanshu; Rabinovich, Regina; Menéndez, Clara; Macete, Eusébio; Saute, Francisco; Mayor Aparicio, Alfredo Gabriel; Alonso, Pedro; Bassat Orellana, Quique; Aide, Pedro Carlos Paulino
13-Mar-2018Dynamics of Afebrile Plasmodium falciparum Infections in Mozambican MenGalatas, Beatriz; Martí Soler, Helena; Nhamussua, Lidia; Cisteró, Pau; Aide, Pedro Carlos Paulino; Saute, Francisco; Menéndez, Clara; Rabinovich, Regina; Alonso, Pedro; Bassat Orellana, Quique; Mayor Aparicio, Alfredo Gabriel
6-Jun-2019Setting the scene and generating evidence for malaria elimination in Southern MozambiqueAide, Pedro Carlos Paulino; Candrinho, Baltazar; Galatas, Beatriz; Munguambe, Khátia; Guinovart, Caterina; Luis, Fabião; Mayor Aparicio, Alfredo Gabriel; Paaijmans, Krijn P.; Fernández Montoya, Lucía; Cirera, Laia; Bassat Orellana, Quique; Mocumbi, Sonia; Menéndez, Clara; Nhalungo, Delino; Nhacolo, Ariel; Rabinovich, Regina; Macete, Eusébio; Alonso, Pedro; Saúte, Francisco