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Title: On regeneration and collateral sprouting to hind limb digits after sciatic nerve injury in the rat
Author: Puigdellívol Sánchez, Anna
Prats Galino, Alberto
Molander, Carl
Keywords: Nervis perifèrics
Peripheral nerves
Wound healing
Issue Date: 8-Dec-2005
Publisher: IOS Press
Abstract: This study examines the proportions of regenerative and collateral sprouting to the skin after peripheral nerve injury. Methods: In the first experimental paradigm, primary afferent neurones were pre-labelled with Diamidino Yellow (DY), injected in digit 3, followed by sciatic nerve section and repair. After three months of regeneration, digit 3 was re-injected with Fast Blue (FB) to label regernating cells. Fluoro-Gold (FG) was applied to the femoral (FEM) and musculocutaneous (MC) nervers four days later to quantify their contribution to the innveration. In the second experimental paradigm, sciatic nerve was first sectioned and repaired. Three months later, the sciatic was resected, and digit 3 injected with FB. After four more days, FEM and MC were resected and FG injected in all digits. Results: Neurones in dorsal root ganglion (DRG) L5 had a higher rate of correct reinnervation of digit 3 (44-72%) than neurones in DRG L4 (14-44%). Like in control cases, only occasional axons were traced from the FEM and MC. In the second experiment, only occasional labelled neurones appeared. Conclusions: The results indicate differences in the capacity for correct peripheral sensory reinnvervation between segmental levels and that in this model collateral sprouting was practically non-existent compared to regenerative sprouting.
Note: Reproducció del document publicat a:
It is part of: Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, 2005, vol. 23, num. 2, p. 97-107
ISSN: 0922-6028
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