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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2017Cell Death Mechanisms in Tumoral and Non-Tumoral Human Cell Lines Triggered by Photodynamic Treatments: Apoptosis, Necrosis and ParthanatosSoriano, J.; Mora-Espí, I.; Alea-Reyes, M.E.; Pérez-García, L.; Barrios, L.; Ibáñez, E.; Nogués, C.
30-May-2016New insights into the comprehension of the magnetic properties of dinuclear Mn(III) compounds with general formula [{MnL(NN)}2(μ-O)(μ-n-RC6H4COO)2]X2Escriche Tur, Luis; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Albela Castrillo, Mª Belén; Corbella i Cordomí, Montserrat
11-Feb-2015Signal Transduction by a Fungal NOD-Like Receptor Based on Propagation of a Prion Amyloid FoldDaskalov, Asen; Habenstein, Birgi; Martinez, Denis; Debets, Alfons J. M.; Sabaté Lagunas, Raimon; Loquet, Antoine; Saupe, Sven J.
7-Oct-2016Formation of metastable phases by spinodal decompositionAlert, Ricard; Tierno, Pietro; Casademunt i Viader, Jaume
12-Sep-2016Synergistic antipseudomonal effects of synthetic peptide AMP38 and carbapenemsRudilla, Héctor; Fusté i Domínguez, Ester; Cajal Visa, Yolanda; Rabanal Anglada, Francesc; Vinuesa Aumedes, Teresa; Viñas, Miquel
29-Sep-2016Integrated Strategy toward Self-Powering and Selectivity Tuning of Semiconductor Gas SensorsGad, A.; Hoffmann, Martin W. G.; Casals Guillén, Olga; Mayrhofer, L.; Fábrega, Cristian; Caccamo, Lorenzo; Hernández Ramírez, Francisco; Mohajerani, M. S.; Moseler, M.; Shen, H.; Waag, A.; Prades García, Juan Daniel
2016Effect of a Balanced Concentration of Hydrogen on Graphene CVD GrowthChaitoglou, Stefanos; Pascual Miralles, Esther; Bertrán Serra, Enric; Andújar Bella, José Luis
2-Jun-2015Immunoliposome-mediated drug delivery to Plasmodium-infected and non-infected red blood cells as a dual therapeutic/prophylactic antimalarial stragegyMoles Meler, Ernest; Urbán, Patricia; Jiménez-Díaz, Maria Belén; Viera-Morilla, Sara; Angulo-Barturen, Iñigo; Busquets i Viñas, Ma. Antonia; Fernàndez Busquets, Xavier
22-Mar-2016Ultra rapid in vivo screening for anti-Alzheimer anti-amyloid drugsEspargaró Colomé, Alba; Medina, Aina; Di Pietro, O.; Muñoz-Torrero López-Ibarra, Diego; Sabaté Lagunas, Raimon
13-Jul-2014Arc-discharge synthesis of iron encapsulated in carbon nanoparticles for biomedical applicationsChaitoglou, Stefanos; Sanaee, Mohammad Reza; Aguiló Aguayo, Noemí; Bertrán Serra, Enric
1-Oct-2014Shogaol-huprine hybrids: Dual antioxidant and anticholinesterase agents with beta-amyloid and tau anti-aggregating propertiesPérez-Areales, F. Javier; Di Pietro, O.; Espargaró Colomé, Alba; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna; Galdeano Cantador, Carlos; Ragusa, Ilaria M.; Viayna, Elisabet; Guillou, C.; Clos Guillén, M. Victòria; Pérez Fernández, Belén; Sabaté Lagunas, Raimon; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Luque Garriga, F. Xavier; Muñoz-Torrero López-Ibarra, Diego
12-Sep-2014Tetrahydrobenzo[h][1,6]naphthyridine-6-chlorotacrine hybrids as a new family of anti-Alzheimer agents targeting beta-amyloid, tau, and cholinesterase pathologiesDi Pietro, O.; Pérez-Areales, F. Javier; Juárez-Jiménez, Jordi; Espargaró Colomé, Alba; Clos Guillén, M. Victòria; Pérez Fernández, Belén; Lavilla Grífols, Rodolfo; Sabaté Lagunas, Raimon; Luque Garriga, F. Xavier; Muñoz-Torrero López-Ibarra, Diego
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12