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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016One-electron processes in atomic physicsCamí Nuñez, Víctor
Jun-2016Solar energetic particles in the inner heliosphereAdillón Corbera, Mariona
Jun-2016Construction of a ve bits analog to digital converterPolls Agell, Francesc
Jun-2016Sources of chaos in celestial mechanics problemsFerrer Campo, Àlex
Jan-2016Meteorological characterization of exceptional snowfall eventsFernández Guardia, Adrián
Jan-2016Synthesis and characterisation of Ga2O3 nanowiresPeiró Riera, Irmina
Jan-2016Fractional quantum Hall effect with cold atomsEscalante Charlez, Juan Miguel
Jun-2016Characterization of NGC6705 (M11) open clusterJordana Mitjans, Núria
Jan-2016Synchrotron emission in stellar systems: the case of GRS 1915+105López Ramiro, Èric
Jan-2016Pattern formation in Ginzburg-Landau model with lateral inhibitionAceiton Cardona, Jordi