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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Deformation of uid fronts in a gap-modulated Hele-Shaw cellDíaz Piola, Lautaro
Jun-2016Anisotropies in the cosmic microwave backgroundRedondo Fontrodona, Francesc
Jun-2016Quantum correlations in ultracold rotating two-dimensional gasesMiroslavov Minkov, Stamen
Jun-2016Study of the inhibition of soundSánchez Buendía, Paula
Jun-2016A physical model of cellular self-organizationAlonso Salvat, Adrià
Jun-2016Scaling of entanglement entropy for chains of arbitrary spinBlázquez Cruz, Guillermo
Jun-2016Casimir forces between inclusions in an out of equilibrium fluidCapera Aragonès, Pau
Jun-2016Measure of partial coherence degree of a light beamPedrós Parramona, Isaac
Jan-2016Bias Effects Study in Open Clusters Parallaxes using GaiaCastellà Santos, Daniel
Jun-2016Protein folding in explicit bulk waterSamatas, Sotiris