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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Quantization of the radiation electromagnetic fieldSala Pascual, Aniol
Jun-2017The EPR controversyIstúriz Petitjean, Irene
Jun-2017Stability of the Negative Hydrogen Ion: Variational Approach with Electron CorrelationLópez de Arbina de Frutos, Ignacio
Jun-2018Quantum percolation in complex networksLaverde Marín, Andrés
Jun-2018The role of the Sommerfeld enhancement in dark matter physicsJiménez Arranz, Óscar
Jan-2018Leggett-Garg inequalitiesBordas Marchante, Eduard
Jun-2018Non-Hermitian systems with PT symmetryViedma Palomo, David