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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2017Neutrino oscillationsMoreno Anguiano, Carles
Jan-2017Characterization of semiconductor detectors for [gamma]-ray and x-ray spectrometryBoyer López, Helena
Jan-2017Erythrocyte FlickeringFernández Gallén, Andreu
Jan-2017Models of dynamical dark energy in the expanding UniversePineda Romero., Àlvar
Jan-2017Characterization of functional nanoparticlesFonoll Rubio, Robert
Jun-2017Laser forward transfer of conductive inksNavarro Campos, Júlia
Jun-2017Viewer for an Integral 3D imaging systemCórdoba Oliver, Iván
Jan-2017Statistical Mechanics of Granular SystemsGonzález Otero, Carlos
Jan-2017Study of work on a quantum harmonic oscillatorArazo Sánchez, Maria
Jan-2017Characterization and functionalization of nanostructured indium tin oxide filmsViñas Calaf, Marta