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Title: Elementary features of Kaluza-Klein theories
Author: Cardona Rotger, Biel
Director/Tutor: Fiol Núñez, Bartomeu
Keywords: Teories del camp unificat
Teoria de Kaluza-Klein
Treballs de fi de grau
Unified field theories
Kaluza-Klein theories
Bachelor's thesis
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Abstract: In many current uni cation theories involving gravity, it is natural to add compacti ed extra dimensions. To make a connection with our four-dimensional universe we need dimensional reduction to link a higher-dimensional theory to a lower-dimensional one. As a rst contact with the subject, we study how dimensional reduction works analyzing pure Einstein gravitation in D = d+1 dimensions, with an extra dimension compacti ed on S1. Finally, motivated by the presence of non- Abelian gauge groups in the Standard Model, we analyze extra dimensions compacti ed in some internal compact space, which give rise to gauge elds associated to these gauge groups.
Note: Treballs Finals de Grau de Física, Facultat de Física, Universitat de Barcelona, Any: 2014, Tutor: Bartomeu Fiol Núñez
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